Giclee - The Fine Art of Reproduction
Giclee - The Process
The Giclee Process is an indicator of the highest level of production value when producing archival quality prints on either canvas or paper.

The artists work is meticulously scanned, at very high resolution, into a unique computer file.  Great care is taken to preserve the color, tonal qualities and fidelity of the original painting.

The prints are then produced with a precision, large-format inkjet printer using ultra-fine pigment inks.  The resultant output reflects true "Museum Quality", preseving all the tonalities and hues of the original painting.  The canvas or 100% rag paper used in the process offers crisp detail and unmatched color characteristics that rival the original piece of art.

Giclee - Care and Treatment of Canvas or Paper Prints

Canvas prints should be framed like an original painting without glass.  They are very durable and are coated with a UV rated clear spray to further protect the canvas. 

Consider having paper prints framed professionally with acid free materials.  They should be hung out of direct sunlight for longer life.  Paper prints should be framed under glass and, since paper cannot be cleaned direct contact with the surface should be avoided.

Care for your Giclee print and it will provide you with viewing pleasure for many years